About Hukaz Welfare Foundation

Hukaz Welfare Foundation (HWF) established in 2010) and got registered under society act 1860, with registration number (1645), Directorate of industries and commerce, Quetta Pakistan, xxxxx rural development and services to the all remote area of Pakistan.

Nature of the organization

The organization shill be non-political and non-sectarian Welfare Foundation run by board of governors. It can get affiliated with other welfare organization registered under the directorate of industries & commerce Quetta Pakistan (Registration and control ordinance Act, 1860).



Promote effective partnership among organizations and individuals through dialogues, exchange of views, resources and experiences sharing and efforts to strive for eradicate of discrimination practice against race, religion, languages, sets and ethnicity.


Peoples access welfare services without discrimination on the basis of creed, race, ethnicity, language, and gender.


The organization has he following Objectives and focus.


These are following focus of HWF.

  • Empowerment of marginalized and disadvantaged community groups and strengthening
  • Provide formal and conformal education services
  • Build technical center for youth skills improvement
  • Peace, conflict prevention & humanitarian relief to the needy peoples
  • Effort to build self-reliance and to bring them to all mainstreams of society.
  • Agriculture Development, cold storage, marketing.
  • Clean Drinking water and drainage system
  • Free development & aid to the needy peoples.
  • Understating and promoting diversity.
  • Rehabilitation of mental and physical disables and drugs abuse/addiction victims.
  • Construct Free shelter home for the poor peoples

Contact with members

Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW) has its very clear contact system with its number and general body. TCD contact with their member through cell phone, email and postal address for any reason

Source of income

Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW) collects funds through membership, subscription and donations, for achieving its aims and objectives

Operational activities

Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW) is working on empowerment, community development and complete positive change in Pakistan.

Assessment & Registration

Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW) has sound experience of assessment and registration of target. TCD has its own predefined assessment forms and tools to get target appropriate selection.

Selection of target

Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW) has its very clear target selection criteria which support to select the main target.

Record keeping

(HFW)  keep computerized record keeping of active members its activities records. (HFW)  has good sound experience of record keeping.


Hukaz Welfare Foundation Pakistan (HFW)   has good planning system of selected project. HWF has worked on planning and development of different project during registration, implementation and reporting phases.