About Hukaz Welfare Foundation


What Our Trust Do

Shelter Homes

There are a number of house building projects that the Trust has undertaken to provide new and renovated buildings. By donating to this project you will be helping some of the poorest people in the country.

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Meat Distribution

Qurbani is an important act of charity because it provides the poor and disadvantaged with meat, normally not a part of their everyday diet. The trust finds the most deserving recipients and organizes the distribution of meat.

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Construction of Mosque

Hukaz Welfare Foundation is in need of additional funding for the Mosque Building Project. Here's your to contribute towards building a place of worship for our Muslim brothers in deprived areas.

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Home Based Items

We strive to provide relief of financial hardship. Generally or individually, our aim is to provide or pay for items, services or facilities which the needy cannot otherwise afford through lack of financial means.

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Free Medical Camps

The Trust has supported many poor people suffering from major illnesses including life-threatening illnesses. The trust supports the poor and needy in providing medicines and financially assisting in medical operations.

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Animal EIDI

Hukaz Welfare Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting the poor and needy during Eid and other festivals. It is our duty to support the poor and needy during such festive times to allow them to enjoy the festivities of Eid.

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